DENEUTRALIZED – The Free Pregnancy Resource Center Manual

DENEUTRALIZED is a comprehensive guide to both starting (or restarting) and building a pregnancy resource center as well as identifying and addressing obstacles to your center’s success.


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“THE REFERENCE GUIDE” – Larry Berhow, former Board President of Total LifeCare Centers, Inc., an affiliation of 28 pregnancy resource centers in Minnesota, U.S.A.

“I am absolutely amazed at the sheer amount of useful/helpful information in this manual!”Michelle Roberts, pregnancy care center discussion board coordinator.

“The details you touch on are ALL things our center, staff, board, community come across throughout the years (9 long years for me). I think it should be required reading for all Executive Directors and Boards!” – Sara Hankel, Executive Director, Hope Pregnancy Center, Willmar, Minnesota, U.S.A.


Preface        5   

Foundational Values        10                                                                                        

Chapter One – Starting a Pregnancy Resource Center from Scratch        12

Forming a Board of Directors    Choosing a Name for the Center     Incorporating as a Non-Profit    Hiring an Executive Director    Job Description for the First Executive Director    Mission Statement    Church Affiliation        Finding a Good Location    Budgeting and Start-Up Fundraising    Prayer and Fasting

Chapter Two – “Restarting” an Existing Center        33

Evaluating Your Organization’s Success    Evaluating Your Board of Directors    Evaluating Your Executive Director    Evaluating Your Present Location    Treading Water or Moving Forward?    In the Shadow of the “Old Guard”    An Organizational Vision    Hiring a Consultant    A Commitment to Excellence

Chapter Three – Basic Pregnancy Resource Center Components        42

The Reception Area    The Counseling Room    Pregnancy Testing Area    Bathrooms    Executive Director’s Office    Director of Client Services’ Office    Volunteer Space    Storage Space    Referral Service and Resource Book     Informational Pamphlets and Videos    Material Goods Program    Earn While You Learn Program        Purity (Abstinence) Programming    Pregnancy Center Décor     Hours of Operation and Staff Scheduling 

Chapter Four –Administrative Components        55

Commitment of Care and Competence    A Center Flowchart    The Employee Manual    Payroll, Accounting and Taxes    Financial Processing of Donations    The Database and Mailings    The Budget     Policies and Procedures         Recordkeeping    Built to Last

Chapter Five – Staffing        67

Personnel Selection Process    The Executive Director    The Director of Client Services    The Outreach Activities Coordinator    Volunteers    Client Advocates    Receptionists    Educational Program Mentors    The Development Director/Fundraising Coordinator    Staff Training, Supervision and Evaluation    Staff Appreciation    Salaries and Wages    Conflicts of Interest and Other Potential Pitfalls     Micromanagement     Burnout    Staff Transitions

Chapter Six – Client Care        82

Socioeconomic Level    Technology    Post-Modern Mentality    Drugs and Alcohol    Sexual Soup    Contraceptive Mentality    Abortifacients    Prenatal Testing and Abortion    Post-Abortive Clients    Client Evangelization

Chapter Seven – Pregnancy Testing Services       90

Professionalism    Confidentiality    Connecting with the Client    The Pregnancy Interview Sheet    Pregnancy Testing    The Heart of the Problem    Emotional Support    Ultrasound Examination    Information about Abortion Procedures    Post-Abortion Syndrome    Financial Assistance    Adoption    Promoting Purity    Sexually Transmitted Infections    Teen Counseling    Difficult Situations    When a Woman Chooses to Abort    Phone Counseling    Miscarriage and Grieving    Client Advocate Emotional Self-Protection    Exit Survey        Exit Folder

Chapter Eight – Marketing        101

Target Audiences    Be a Reproductive Health Provider   Marketing Determined by Location        Interior Décor    Center Brochures    Signage    Billboards    Radio    Website    Social Networking and Facebook     Smartphones       Community Outreach    Professionalism     Ask Questions

Chapter Nine – Basic Fundraising and Development        114

You are Selling Your Center!    Building a Database    The Quarterly Newsletter    Financial Pledge Cards and Prayer Pledge Cards    Electronic Funds Transfer    The Thanksgiving Appeal    The Christmas Card    Baby Bottle Boomerang    Planned Giving – The $25-a-Month Club     The Banquet     A Walk for Life    Fundraisers that do not Raise Funds     Don’t Forget to Say “Thank You”

Chapter Ten – Advanced Fundraising and Development        127

Breaking the Old Fundraising Mindset    Major Donor Cultivation (Part I) – Making Friends    Major Donor Cultivation (Part II) – Preparations    Major Donor Cultivation (Part III) – The Ask    Stocks, Estate Gifts and Other Ways of Giving    Grants    Guerilla Fundraising     Fundraising Competitors    Ecumenical Fundraising        Time

Chapter Eleven – Becoming a Medical Clinic (Going Medical)        138

Medical Director    Nurse Manager    Staff-Administered Pregnancy Tests    Verification of Positive Pregnancy Test    Ultrasound Testing    STI Testing    Other Medical Services    Examination Space    Medical Policies        One Thing at a Time

Chapter Twelve – Pregnancy Resource Center Issues        147

Spiritual Warfare     Overextended    Security Issues    Lawsuits    Attacks    Emergencies    Ministry Solitaire – Isolation    When Things Go Bad 

Conclusion – This is God’s Center        154

Appendix I. Resources        155

Appendix II. Policies and Procedures Topics        157

Appendix III. Pregnancy Testing Forms        160

Appendix IV. Fundraising Templates        164